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Important NCERT Hindi Medium Download From Here
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Class 6 :- Download From Here class 6
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Class 8 :- Download From Here class 8 full
Class 9 :- Download From Here class 9 full
Class 10 :- Download From Here class 10 full
Class 11 :- Download From Here class 11 full
Class 12 :- Download From Here class 12 full

Static GK Questions PDF
5000 Questions Hindi Download From Here
5000 Questions Hindi Download From Here
1000 Questions English Download From Here
5000 Questions English Part 1 Download From Here
5000 Questions English Part 2 Download From Here

General Knowledge E-Books
  1. Download From Here  Lucnet GK ( English Medium)
  2. Download From Here Full Lucent In Audio MP3 file

Economics E-Books

  1. Download From Here Economics shared by Manish Rai
  2. Download From Here Indian Economy Objective
  3. Download From Here Indian Economy Ramesh Singh
  4. Download From Here Economics notes
  5. Download From Here Economics hand written notes
  6. Download From Here Indian Economy VISION IAS
  7. Download From Here Economics The Institute
  8. Download From Here Economy Beginners StudyMaterial from Mrunal.org

History E-Books

  1. Download From Here Ancient History English
  2. Download From Here Medieval History English
  3. Download From Here Modern History English
  4. Download From Here History Spectrum pdf
  5. Download From Here  History for SSC English Medium
  6. Download From Here history
  7. Download From Here Indian History The Institute
  8. Download From Here Indian History Planet knowledge Publication
  9. Download From Here Hand Written Notes shared By Manish Rai
  10. Download From Here Ancient History By Shiv Kumar Sir
  11. Download From Here Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue - Indian History ... Medieval India
  12. Download From Here Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue - Indian History – Modern India
  13. Download From Here Modern History By Shiv kumar Sir
  14. Download From Here History Audio file English

Indian Polity E-Books
  1. Download From Here Constitution (Poetic).pdf
  2. Download From Here hindi INDIAN_POLITY.pdf
  3. Download From Here Indian Polity and Constitution_Objective_Planet_Knowledge_Publications.pdf
  4. Download From Here Indian Polity for SSC in English Medium.pdf
  5. Download From Here Indian Polity.pdf
  6. Download From Here polity
  7. Download From Here Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue - Indian Polity & Governance
  8. Download From Here SSC-INDIAN-POLITY-CAPSULE-
  9. Download From Here Indian polity the institute
  10. Download From Here Vmentor Online Coaching E-Book

  Geography E-Books
  1. Download From Here Orient BlackSwan School Atlas 26 pages
  2. Download From Here  Geography India NOTES_The Institute
  3. Download From Here Indian-geography-majid-hussain
  4. Download From Here  Indian_Geography_Objective_Planet_Knowledge_Publications
  5. Download From Here Ncert भूगोल सम्पूर्ण सार By Shiv Kumar Sir
  6. Download From Here Geography Hand Written Notes_Mukesh bharti_Hindi
  7. Download From Here Geography for SSC in English Medium.
  8. Download From Here Geography Material by NOS for UPSC IAS Exam (www.mrunal.org)
  9. Download From Here Geography-Audio_ENGLISH
  10. Download From Here Geography.pdf english
  11. Download From Here Geography-SSC-CGL
  12. Download From Here Indian Geography from Smart NoteS
  13. Download From Here भूगोल वैकल्पिक .pdf
  14. Download From Here शिव -भूगोल प्रारंभिक परीक्षा pdf
  15. Download From Here Indian Geography By अभिषेक कुमार सोनकर.
Mathematics E-Books
  2. Download From Here Objective-English-Hari-Mohan-Prasad 
  3. Download From Here SSC-CGL- ANTONYMS till 2016..
  4. Download From Here SSC-CGL- SYNONYMS till 2016.pdf
  5. Download From Here SSC-CGL-Idioms & Phrases till CGL T1 2016.pdf
  6. Download From Here SSC-CGL-ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION till 2016.pdf
  7. Download From Here Longman_Dictionary Of Common_Errors.pdf
  8. Download From Here  Grammar.and.Vocabulary.Practice_Teacher_s.Book.

  9. Download From Here Common-Errors-English-Book.
  10. Download From Here English-Hindi-dictionary.pdf
Reasoning E-Books 
  1. Download From Here RS Aggarwal reasoning-English Medium
Hindi E-Books 
  1. Download From Here Jagdish Yadav_Hindi_Grammer, essay Hand written Notes
  2. Download From Here Hindi_The Institute  
Computer E-Books 
  1. Download From Here Computer-Awereness-2000-Qustns
  2. Download From Here MCQs-on-Computer-by-Dr-Alok-Kumar-PDF
  3. Download From Here computer basics.pdf
  4. Download From Here computer memory.pdf
  5. Download From Here Computer science MCQ.pdf
  6. Download From Here  computer-fundamental-mcq-bank.pdf
  7. Download From Here computer html-mcq-bank.pdf
  8. Download From Here computer ms-access-mcq-bank.pdf
  9. Download From Here computer ms-excel-mcq-bank.pdf
  10. Download From Here computer ms-word-mcq-bank.pdf
  11. Download From Here computer operating-system-mcq-bank.pdf
  12. Download From Here ms access.pdf
  13. Download From Here   hindi-computer-capsule-2016

  Art and Culture E-Books


  1. Download From Here Physics English Part 1
  2. Download From Here Physics English Part 2
  3. Download From Here Physics Hindi Part 1
  4. Download From Here Physics Hindi Part 2
  5. Download From Here Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue - General Sci ... (Vol-1) (Physics & Chemistry)
  6. Download From Here Physics-Capsule-for-Railway-SSC-Exams
  7. Download From Here Physics questions list


  1. Download From Here General Science Notes The Institute
  2. Download From Here Chemistry Full English
  3. Download From Here Chemistry for SSC Exams
  4. Download From Here Chemistry Full Hindi
  5. Download From Here Chemistry_Hindi
  6. Download From Here Chemistry-Capsule
  7. Download From Here


  1. Download From Here Pratiyogita Darpan-Extra Issue - General-Science-Vol-2-Biology
  2. Download From Here SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (biology)
  3. Download From Here G S SRIRAM BIOLOGY
  4. Download From Here Biology for SSC Exams
  5. Download From Here

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