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-------------------> General English Grammar By Devendra Sir


1. Verbs (Basic):- Auxiliary verbs, Different uses of modal auxiliary verbs (May, Might, Must, Can, Could, Shall, Will, Should, Would, Ought to, Used to), Be form + infinitive, Be form + To have, Have + infinitive.

2. Tense: - Present indefinite and uses, Present continuous tense and uses, Present perfect tense and uses, Present perfect continuous tense and uses, Past indefinite tense and uses, Past continuous tense and uses, Past perfect tense and uses, Past perfect continuous tense and uses, Future indefinite tense and uses, Future continuous tense and uses, Future perfect tense and uses, Future perfect continuous tense and uses, Conditional tense: - If clause in present tense, If clause in past tense, If clause in past perfect tense.

3. Subject-Verb-Agreement

4. Verb Advance: - Principal verbs/main verbs (transitive verbs, intransitive verbs, defective verbs, incomplete verbs), Helping verbs/Auxiliary verbs (primary helping verbs, modal), Finite verbs, Non-Finite verbs (Infinitive, Participle, Gerund).

5. Noun :- Proper noun, Common noun, Collective noun, Material noun, Abstract noun, Countable noun, Uncountable noun, Single noun, Compound noun, Masculine gender, Feminine gender, common gender, Neuter gender, Nouns and Cases (nominative case, objective case, possessive case, complement of the verb, noun in apposition, nominative of address), Nouns and Numbers (singular noun, plural noun, Rules for changing singular nouns into plural nouns, Rules to changing masculine nouns into feminine nouns, Some important rules).

6. Pronouns: - Definition, Types of pronouns (Personal pronouns, relative pronouns, distributive pronouns, reciprocal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, emphatic pronouns, interrogative pronouns, indefinite pronouns, exclamatory pronouns) and uses of all types, subject verb agreements rule for pronoun.

7. Adjectives :- Proper adjectives, Possessive adjectives, Distributive adjectives, Demonstrative adjectives, Numeral adjectives, Quantitative adjectives, Qualitative adjectives, Exclamatory adjective, Interrogative adjectives, Degree (positive degree, comparative degree, superlative degree), Difference between confusing words( Adjectives/Adverbs).

8. Conjunctions

9. Adverbs: - some important adverbs and their uses, position of adverbs, inversion.

10. Determiners: - Articles (Indefinite articles, Definite article), Demonstrative determiners, Quantifier determiners of quantity, Numeral determiners of numbers, Relative determiners, Interrogative determiners.

11. Prepositions

12. Active voice and Passive voice: - Definition, Common rules for changing active voice into passive voice, tense and voice, Present indefinite/continuous/perfect tense, Past indefinite/continuous/perfect tense, Future indefinite/ perfect tense, Passive voice of modal verbs, Passive voice of interrogative sentences, Passive voice of imperative sentences, Passive voice of infinitives (To + v1), Passive voice of has/have/had + infinitives and more.

13. Narration ( Direct-Indirect speech ):- Definition of direct speech and indirect speech, General rules for changing direct speech into indirect speech, Indirect speech of assertive sentences, Indirect speech of interrogative sentences, Indirect speech of imperative sentences, Indirect speech of exclamatory sentences, Indirect speech of optative sentences, Indirect speech of sentences beginning with Let.

14. Degree: - Positive degree, Comparative degree, Superlative degree.

15. Question tag :- Definition, General rules of question tag, question tag of imperative sentences

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